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IVC’s Alarm Server is an alarm system integration tool and, along with the IVC View Station client software, a rules-based alarm management product. The Alarm Server enables users to create a reliable and flexible alarm management system.

IVC’s Alarm Server component offers a sophisticated, scalable solution for most critical security and surveillance applications. Since the software is based on state-of-the-art, standards-based interfaces it provides an extremely flexible environment for alarm management. It is a valuable product for those customers looking for powerful alarm management capabilities. For our technology and integrator partners, the Alarm Server is an indispensable integration tool.


Key Features

In-video and discreet I/O alarmsFlexible response options
Easily Integrate
Access Control; Perimeter Security; SCADA;
Alarm & Process Sensors; Video Analytics
Multi-protocol support

How It Works

As depicted in the functional diagram below, the Alarm Server can “listen” for alarm messages from any source connected to the network. The Alarm Server is able to understand a variety of standard protocols and can be easily modified to parse messages sent in other standard or proprietary protocols. IVC uses this facility to integrate other components into our video surveillance system. We have helped customers integrate access control devices, perimeter security systems, and other sensing systems with their IVC video surveillance system.

Configuring alarm responses is equally flexible. In addition to camera actions, the Alarm Server can send control messages in a variety of protocols to other hardware and software on the network. This may include activating or deactivating devices or sending messages to facility security personnel and first responders. For those customers that already have sophisticated alarm management provided by their SCADA system, the IVC Alarm Server can be useful as a bridge between the video system and its related components to the facility’s control system.

Alarm Manager User Interface

The configuration and control interface for the Alarm Server is provided by the Alarm Manager. The Alarm Manager is used to define alarm conditions for which the Alarm Server should listen and to define response actions should a defined alarm condition occur. The Alarm Manager also includes tools to

    • Configure the Alarm Server as an OPC, MODBUS, or HTTP client in order to accept alarms from other process elements.
    • Create software alarms by identifying specific activity in the system’s file structure as an alarm source.
    • Create email notifications for alarm responses. In addition to the email subject, distribution addresses, and body text, these notifications may include variables that provide details about the alarm in addition to attached video snapshots or recorded clips.
    • Define alarms from specific devices such as access control, leak detection, and radar.



Alarm Server datasheet

Alarm Server datasheet



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