Custom Solutions

Although IVC has developed standard hardware and software products to satisfy most requirements, we have the ability to create custom solutions to satisfy demanding and unique customer applications.  IVC combines in-house software and hardware development capabilities with small company responsiveness and depth of application experience to provide solutions that exactly meet our customers’ needs.  IVC has developed custom products for customers that have provided solutions for military, marine, traffic, public safety, process monitoring, and other applications.  Call 617-467-3059 to discuss your custom requirements with our technical sales team.

Custom Hardware

IVC’s significant manufacturing capabilities and broad application experience gives us a unique ability to tailor hardware solutions to satisfy demanding application requirements.  Some of the examples of the type of work we have done include:

  • Custom camera enclosures to suit extreme temperature and EMI environments
  • Design and production of application specific covert camera systems, such as systems used in remote locations or high security facilities
  • Customized IP-based I/O solutions to integrate 3rd party security devices to the video system
  • Specialized portable inspection cameras complete with insertion mechanisms to inspect empty storage tanks and blow out preventers.
  • Specially-designed rapid deploy video systems for industrial and public safety applications
  • Custom solar-powered video solutions for remote applications

Custom Software

IVC’s standard software products are developed and maintained by our software professionals based at our headquarters in Newton, Massachusetts.  Where necessary we are willing to adapt it or add to it to meet our customers’ unique requirements.  Some examples of software work we have done include:

  • Adding support of alarm messaging protocols to IVC’s Alarm Server Software for application specific sensors
  • Custom web video web interfaces
  • Creation of web-based video interfaces for handheld devices
  • Integration of 3rd party software-based systems into our video management system, such as perimeter security, access control, and process monitoring systems

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