Relay Server Camera Software


Key Features

IVC’s Relay Server Software is a web server that provides users single IP address access to a large network of IP cameras. The camera network can be configured, managed, controlled, and viewed remotely.

Quick Start configurationRemote viewing of live and stored video
Single point & click PTZ movement with panoramasRemote control of PTZ cameras
Slaved PTZ controlsConfigurable button controls








User Management

For larger applications that may require different levels of access to video, the Relay Server provides the option to enable its configurable security system. For instance, guards and security personnel would likely have priority access to video from security cameras but have lower priority access to cameras that are being used for process monitoring. For the latter case, plant or equipment operators might have high priority access to these cameras. Management may want casual access to the video system wide, while you may want to restrict other users to specific cameras. IVC’s Relay Server includes a flexible, configurable user management system that can handle these and other scenarios.

Define Privilege GroupsDefine User Accounts
• Assign access rights to cameras• Assign user to privilege group
• Assign camera control & viewing rights• Provide user login
• Assign administrative rights• Assign normal and override priorities
• Use or modify pre-defined groups or create your own• Create as many users as needed
• Create as many hierarchical groups as needed• Create users as individuals or functions

Remote Access

The Relay Server provides system administrators a variety of tools to remotely manage a large network of IP video cameras. Using the Relay Server’s web interface, users with the proper rights can:

• Create privilege groups and users• Move PTZ cameras
• Configure connected cameras• Take snapshots from cameras
• Create presets for PTZ cameras• Record video clips from cameras
• Create panoramas for PTZ cameras• Display saved snapshots
• Define storage parameters• Playback recorded video
• Create custom buttons to control connected devices• Manage archived video and snapshot files
• Define bandwidth management parameters 

SCADA Integration

As pictured in the diagram here, IVC’s Relay Server Software serves video from a network of IP cameras to a variety of clients. Through APIs provided with the product, you can easily integrate video and camera controls into SCADA HMI screens. Users of DeltaV, Wonderware, RSView, FactoryTalk, Citect, and other popular SCADA applications have used IVC’s software and our industrial cameras to add video monitoring to their operators’ control screens.IVC-Generic-SDADA-architecture-2-01




Typical requirements for a 24-camera system:
CPUIntel i7
RAM4 Gbytes DDR memory
HDD*2 Tbytes
Video CardAGP card w/ 1 GBytes RAM
Operating SystemWindows 7, 8, 10 Professional, Windows Server 2012


Download datasheet

Relay Server datasheet

Download datasheet

RSC-4×01 datasheet – Video management software server computer for IVC’s Relay Server camera.



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