Intelligent Transportation

Up-to-date information for informed decisions

To meet the increasing demand for real-time traffic and infrastructure information, IVC’s network video solutions facilitate the sharing of high-quality live video from highways, intersections, tunnels, bridges and main commuter routes. The wide range of benefits includes:

  • Quick redirection of traffic to avoid congestion
  • Accurate information in real-time for first responders to speed their arrival and incident preparation
  • Public information outlets can convey detailed traffic information to their viewers and listeners
  • Municipalities can give commuters access to live video over the internet to help them make smart travelling decisions
  • Road and other related maintenance can be optimized based on current conditions
  • City planners can integrate metering equipment with stored video to plan road improvements

Benefit from IVC’s experience

Municipal authorities around the world have discovered the benefits of IVC’s IP video solutions for managing challenging transportation issues. Our systems provide high quality live and recorded images to relevant authorities, first responders, and the public so they may quickly make informed decisions.  IVC also works with the leading Intelligent Traffic System (ITS) equipment providers to formulate complete, integrated, and proven solutions.  For many customers, IVC’s open software architecture allowed the inclusion of existing analog CCTV cameras thereby minimizing the cost of transitioning to an IP-based intelligent traffic video system..

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