Video surveillance for safer cities and towns

Protecting the public and public property is becoming an increasingly more difficult job for municipal governments.  However, IP-based video surveillance has become one of the most useful, flexible, and cost-effective tools for ensuring public safety.  These kinds of systems can help resource-constrained first responders to become more efficient by giving them the tools to more quickly assess a situation before deploying resources.

IVC customers have relied on our cameras and camera management software to:
  • Monitor large public gatherings with rapid deploy systems and share live video with multiple local, state, and federal agencies
  • Remotely deter incidents in high-crime areas with automated cameras and high-intensity illumination systems
  • Reduce vandalism and other crimes in dense commercial areas by providing real-time video to patrol vehicles
  • Increase conviction rates and reduce investigation time with our tamper-proof stored video
  • More quickly capture perpetrators by using our covert camera systems
Cost-efficiency through flexibility and scalability

IVC public safety solutions include high quality, high resolution cameras, IVC’s camera management software, and our experience with integration of third-party complimentary technologies (such as advanced video analytics, gunshot detection systems, discreet motion detectors and other sensors).  These systems are cost-effective in that they can use multiple power sources and any combination of network connectivity technologies.  IVC video solutions can easily and inexpensively scale as your needs grow.

Learn more about IVC’s public safety IP video solutions:

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