Remote Monitoring

Video as far as the eyes can’t see.

Securing remote, unmanned utility infrastructure sites, unprotected assets, and construction sites is now less problematic with remote video surveillance solutions from IVC.  Managing multiple remote sites can now also be less costly with an IVC video system.  Now you can do routine management from your desk and avoid the cost of periodically visiting these sites.  Improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of maintenance visits by knowing exactly why you are sending someone there.  Use the storage capabilities of our camera management software to quickly catch vandals and thieves.  Improve the chances of catching criminals on your properties by having IVC design a custom covert surveillance system specifically tailored to your sites.

IVC customers use our industrial cameras and camera management software to:

  • Manage multiple, simultaneous construction sites with our cellular cameras from a central location or from anywhere the supervisor is located
  • Remotely monitor remote pumping substations using our solar-powered solutions
  • Remotely monitor vast networks of pipelines over low-bandwidth satellite connections
  • Protect unmanned sites containing capital equipment and supplies with our rapid deploy cellular cameras
  • Integrate video and control data from remote operations into centralized SCADA HMI screens

Cost savings, improved efficiency through flexibility and scalability

IVC remote video surveillance solutions include high quality, high resolution cameras, IVC’s camera management software, and our experience with integration of third-party complimentary technologies (such as discreet motion detectors and other process and security sensors).  These systems are cost-effective in that they can use multiple power sources and any combination of network connectivity technologies.  IVC video solutions can easily and inexpensively scale as your needs grow.

Learn more about IVC’s remote monitoring IP video solutions:

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