Industrial Video & Control Bandwidth Calculator

To approximate the network bandwidth consumption of your video network:

1. Select the appropriate values from the drop-down boxes below
2. Type the number of cameras in the # of cameras field
3. Click the Calculate buttonThe displayed result is expressed in Kilobits per second. For further information on each field, expand the definitions to the right by clicking the more attribute tab.


The size of the video image you are recording in pixels.

  • CIF: 360 x 240
  • 4CIF: 704 x 480
  • 720p: 1280 x 720
  • 1080p: 1920 x 1080

Activity Level:

The amount of movement present in your image.

  • Low: A largely inactive scene with infrequent motion or motion limited to a select portion of the screen.
  • Medium: A moderately active scene with constant motion over a significant portion of the screen.
  • High: A scene with constant movement present, either from activity within the screen, or movement of the camera itself.


Number of frames captured per second.

  • 1: Typically used in situations where there is normally little or no activity or for remote limited bandwidth applications.
  • 5: Good for monitoring general human activity or for remote limited bandwidth applications.
  • 15: Good for monitoring higher speed activity. Objects moving at higher speed will appear slightly jerky.
  • 24: Traditional motion picture standard. Your eyes will see this as smooth, seamless video.
  • 30: Will produce smooth video of fast moving objects such as automobiles.

# of Cameras:

Number of Cameras transferring data.

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Activity Level:
Frame Rate:
# of Cameras:

The IVC bandwidth calculator is a useful tool for estimating the amount of bandwidth your camera network will consume.  Several factors determine the actual bandwidth that your camera system will use, including the mix of camera types, the frame rate and resolution settings for each camera, and the scene that each camera is capturing.  Since this calculator does not account for all system variables, the values computed by this calculator should be interpreted as an approximation of network usage and should in no way be considered as a promise of performance.