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The Longwatch Console Recorder is a software platform that automatically records your critical operator workstations. Just like a camera pointed at your monitor, the Console Recorder records everything being displayed, not just a recreation of events from a data historian. View your HMI, DCS, MES, or terminal server sessions live or go back in time to see exactly how an operator dealt with an event. The Console Recorder is an invaluable method for troubleshooting, training, and process improvement.

During a shutdown or upset, get to the root cause of the issue more quickly. Video document your operations for regulatory compliance and continual process improvement. Video streams of your operator monitors can be viewed on laptops, tablets, and smart phones for on-the-go review and troubleshooting.



Multiple monitor displayIntegrate data from HMI, SCADA, or DCS systems
Real-time remote viewing of your plant’s processOperator training
HMI console integration using ActiveXRegulatory compliance


• Stoppages or upsets – Get to the root cause quickly and make sure mistakes aren’t repeated.
• Remote operator assistance – Live video streams of operator screens can be accessed anywhere for real-time troubleshooting.
• Document your process for analysis and improvement
• Track your manufacturing for quality monitoring and regulatory compliance
• Noninvasive operator monitoring – View new operator actions live or go back in time to see how they dealt with specific events.

Simple & Effective

• Software records the operator monitors and sends the data to a DVR for continuous or programmatic storage. No special hardware required.
• Live and recorded video capability
• Read-only display provides better security

Automatic Video Linking

• Click on a system event or alarm and automatically bring up video of the corresponding operator screen.
• Link recorded video to any SQL database for new insights and information.

Stand-Alone Playback

• The Longwatch Viewer can display one or multiple consoles simultaneously.
• Playback does not interfere with real-time operations.
• Video playback can be viewed anywhere using Internet Explorer, tablet, or smart phone.

Industry Standards

• Record any Windows, non-Windows, or ACP thin client session.
• Display using the Longwatch Viewer on Internet Explorer or ActiveX controls in your application.




The Longwatch Console Recorder consists of a software module installed on a computer or server which runs your HMI or operator’s console software. The Console Recorder then connects to the Longwatch Console Video Engine directly (if loaded into the same workstation) or via the network (if running on a separate computer.)

The Console Recorder consists of three main software modules:

  • Screen Capture Module – this “grabs” the screen directly from the computer’s display and transfer the resulting image data to the Console Recorder Engine. You load this small software module on each computer whose display you want to capture.
  • Console Recorder Engine – a software application loaded into a separate computer that turns it into a Network Video Recorder to store the console video. The Console Recorder Engine can connect to multiple consoles.
  • The Video Control Center (VCC) – a software application that retrieves video from the Console Recorder Engine and displays it either through the Longwatch Viewer (on Internet Explorer) or in an ActiveX control in the applications of your choice. Only one Video Control Center is required per network.

Archive your console screens along with live video for complete process archiving

Console Recorder Configuration Block Diagram

Recording & Archiving

Couple multiple Console Views within live or playback mode or incorporate real-time playback recorded from your plant’s cameras.

The Longwatch Console Recorder features a multi-mode Viewer that enables live and recorded video to be displayed from one or more consoles simultaneously. Process alarms at the top of the display can be clicked to automatically display video from that the time the alarm occurred.

Console Recorder coupled with Longwatch’s flexible DVR system, automatically assigns system-wide values to each event archived. This allows the user to quickly sort and organize stored clips as well as search for conditions present, notes assigned, or a specific process step. The user can quickly find out what was being displayed on every HMI console when a specific alarm was triggered, removing the guess-work and allowing for instant system diagnosis.

Event Window


Automatically archive display based on:

  • Date and Time
  • Batch ID
  • Alarm Event
  • User Entered Text Description

Configurable views allow you to easily locate past events while continuing to monitor the rest of your system

Simple windows-based system architecture allows you to organize your complete video system regardless of size or complexity



System Requirements

Minimum System RequirementsVideo Control Center (VCC) Longwatch Video Engine (LVE and CRE) Max 4 per serverClient (LWViewer)
Minimum Hardware Requirements
CPUCore i7 or Server class Xeon – Minimum of 2 coresCore i7 or Server class Xeon – Minimum of 2-4 cores for 1-2 engines, 4-8 cores for 3-4 enginesCore i7 or equivalent
Available Hard Disk Space50 – 100 GB depending on # of event clipsFor LVE – ~12 GB/day per camera for medium resolution/framerate
For CRE – ~1-2 GB/day per console
Available Memory2 GB2 GB per engine2 GB or more
Networking1 Gb1 Gb1 Gb
Software Components Required
Operating SystemWindows 7, 8, 10 Professional
Windows Server 2012 R2
Windows 7, 8, 10 Professional
Windows Server 2012 R2
Windows 7, 8, 10 Professional
For Windows 2008 and 2012 R2 Desktop Experience Feature
.Net 3.51 Feature
Desktop Experience FeatureN/A
Internet ExplorerVersion 8 or aboveVersion 8 or aboveVersion 8 or above
Acrobat ViewerVersion 5.0 or laterN/AVersion 5.0 or later
Microsoft Media PlayerVersion 9 or later (supplied with Desktop Experience)Version 9 or later (supplied with Desktop Experience)Version 9 or later (supplied with Desktop Experience)
Note – for smaller systems the VCC and LVE can reside on the same hardware. Size accordingly.
Note – SQL Server 2008 R2 Express is installed as part of the VCC install


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Longwatch Console Recorder datasheet



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