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The View Station presents a fully-featured operator interface to a network of video cameras managed by the IVC Longwatch Video System. Operators are provided camera access and control, regardless of location or size of the video network. A client of the Longwatch VCC, View Station provides a scalable architecture providing robust performance for systems of any size. The format and content of a View Station display is completely configurable and can include video from multiple VCCs and LVEs. Any number of views can be defined and subsequently displayed based on application requirements.

Create any number of viewsSimultaneous support of multiple camera models & codecs
Point & click access to video from any cameraUser-defined button panels
Build locked-down consoles with limited menus

View Options

View Options

The format and content of a View Station display is fully configurable. Multiple views can be defined and subsequently displayed based on system conditions or user requirements. A view may include any mix of the available screen elements and functions.

Available Screen Elements

  • Live Video
  • Configurable button controls
  • Browser windows
  • Camera lists
  • Longwatch Viewer control

Multi-Monitor Views

Kiosk/Touchscreen Operator Consoles


Camera Management

The View Station puts no limitations on how you manage your camera network. Regardless of the size of your video network, you decide which cameras to manage with a given View Station. Group cameras any way appropriate – by function, by type, by location, etc.

Group cameras for viewing in any way that suits the application!

Camera list window
This diagram illustrates the distributed nature of IVC’s extremely
flexible video network architecture.
From the View Station camera list, you may drag and drop cameras to live video windows.

Additional Features

Multi-Monitor Support

The Longwatch View Station supports multiple monitor operator stations. This feature facilitates the creation of video walls to enhance the management of large video networks. Each view may be configured to display on a specific monitor when it is activated, so that you ensure the operators attention is focused on the proper area.

Operator-Initiated Operations

The View Station software provides the ability for the user to create one or more button panels within a view. Standard buttons or any graphic can be dynamically positioned on a background image of your choice. The panels could include buttons to:

  • Issue commands to other devices or software on the network
  • Move camera to a preset position
  • Start or stop video recording
  • Control camera scans
  • Open new view
  • Assign camera to live video window

Longwatch Viewer Control

A fully functional Longwatch Viewer may be configured into any View Station view. This allows you to include Longwatch Video Historian features such as video clip playback and historical SCADA data correlation in a View Station view.

Historical SCADA data

Video clip playback


Camera Scans

In larger video systems, there will almost always be more cameras than available live video windows in a specific view. View Station lets you program any view to scan through the configured camera list, so that live video from each camera is displayed on available live video windows. The cameras viewed, the live video windows used, and the time interval between when each selected camera’s video is displayed is completely programmable. Buttons and menu items are available so operators may control the scan as needed.



System Requirements

Minimum System RequirementsVideo Control Center (VCC) Longwatch Video Engine (LVE and CRE) Max 4 per serverClient (LWViewer)
Minimum Hardware Requirements
CPUCore i7 or Server class Xeon – Minimum of 2 coresCore i7 or Server class Xeon – Minimum of 2-4 cores for 1-2 engines, 4-8 cores for 3-4 enginesCore i7 or equivalent
Available Hard Disk Space50 – 100 GB depending on # of event clipsFor LVE – ~12 GB/day per camera for medium resolution/framerate
For CRE – ~1-2 GB/day per console
Available Memory1-2 GB2 GB for first engine, 1 GB per additional engine2 GB or more
Networking1 Gb1 Gb1 Gb
Software Components Required
Operating SystemWindows 7, 8, 10 Professional
Windows Server 2012 R2
Windows 7, 8, 10 Professional
Windows Server 2012 R2
Windows 7, 8, 10 Professional
For Windows 2008 and 2012 R2 Desktop Experience Feature
.Net 3.51 Feature
Desktop Experience FeatureN/A
Internet ExplorerVersion 7 or aboveVersion 7 or aboveVersion 7 or above
Acrobat ViewerVersion 5.0 or laterN/AVersion 5.0 or later
Microsoft Media PlayerVersion 9 or later (supplied with Desktop Experience)Version 9 or later (supplied with Desktop Experience)Version 9 or later (supplied with Desktop Experience)
Note – for smaller systems the VCC and LVE can reside on the same hardware. Size accordingly.
Note – SQL Server 2008 R2 Express is installed as part of the VCC install


Download datasheet

Download View Station Datasheet

Download datasheet

Download VSC-4×00-01 Datasheet – Computer hardware to run View Station software.

Download datasheet

Download RSC-4×01 Datasheet – A video management software server computer designed to run IVC’s Longwatch software.




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