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Outdoor, Wireless Video Monitoring in Minutes

IVC introduces the RD series camera systems. These complete systems included everything required to quickly deploy a video surveillance system on scene and achieve remote video access in a matter of minutes. The RD series has been engineered so system components can be easily assembled. All cabling is accomplished using quick-disconnect assemblies. Radios and IP cameras are preconfigured so there is little field set up required.

Once deployed, the system is designed to be used with IVC camera management software. This software enables remote access and control of the camera system via a standard web browser.

Setup and breakdown of the system is easy and hardened cases are included to facilitate transportation. This system is ideal for use by contractors, law enforcement, emergency management agencies, and others that require temporary video surveillance to be deployed quickly and with little effort or maintenance.


IVC Rapid Deploy video systems are comprised of the following basic components: camera, connectivity module (radio or cell router), mounting hardware, video management software, and carrying cases. Listed above are the currently available system options. These systems are preassembled and preconfigured at the factory. Then they are disassembled and shipped to you in reusable cases.

The systems are essentially designed to be plug and play out of the box. Only power is required (several power options are also available). No special tools are required for assembly or installation. All external cabling is terminated using quick disconnect connectors.

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IVC RD Series Camera System Options:

CamerasIP ConnectivityDeployment mount
36x Standard Resolution Pan-Tilt-Zoom5 Ghz fixed wireless*Tripod
30x HD Resolution Pan-Tilt-Zoom2.4 Ghz fixed wireless*Parapet roof mount
36x Standard Resolution Fixed Zoom-onlyCellularKnee wall roof mount
30x HD Resolution Fixed Zoom-onlyCopperPole mount
HD Resolution Fixed Manual Zoom ZoomFiberCustom
Thermal Fixed and Pan-TiltCovert

*Requires compatible access point

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Application Examples

Temporary Monitoring

Public Safety
Managers and other stakeholders that have responsibility over multiple projects that are geographically dispersed, would undoubtedly enjoy monitoring project progress from their desk rather than add significant travel costs to these projects. Using IVC RD camera solutions, construction managers, for instance, can temporarily deploy a video monitoring system at one or more job sites. When the monitoring need is no longer needed, the IVC RD systems can be easily redeployed to the next job or stored until needed.Minimizing the number of on-site visits by project managers who are based in another part of the planet could yield significant project cost savings.

Another advantage of IVC’s RD systems is its ability to create a video archive of project progress. Live or recorded video can be made available to other stakeholders such as subcontractors, local, state, and federal authorities, customers, company executives, and the public at-large to document:

  • Project status
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Project inefficiencies
  • Illegal activities
  • Process improvements

Having live and recorded video readily available from the site or sites can improve response times to any events, good or bad, that occur.

The flexibility of IVC RD Systems keep deployment costs down since the camera and radios can be easily redeployment as requirements change.

The illustration above demonstrates a typical Rapid Deploy application. Public safety agencies that have a need to monitor large crowds appreciate the capability of quickly deploying cameras and radios. First responders utilize rapid deploy systems to provide “eyes” at an incident site for remote emergency managers. IVC’s RD Series camera systems are ideal for these kinds of temporary application.The Rapid Deploy Access Point pictured above can be wired to a LAN, WAN, or the Internet. Or it can be connected directly to a PC for local storage of video for later review.

Police departments, campus police, and other public safety agencies have used IVC RD Series camera systems for this kind of application. The appeal of such a system is ease of installation and use. Once power is applied to the components and the radios are aligned, event video can be viewed by multiple parties, such as local police and other first responders and even the public.Since this system is based on IVC camera management software, the system easily scales to large networks of Rapid Deploy, permanent, and/or legacy cameras.

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Rapid Deploy Custom Solutions

In addition to our standard Rapid Deploy products, IVC can engineer a solution to meet your unique temporary video monitoring requirements. Our solutions provide easy to use deployment hardware that is precisely designed for your installation site. IVC can package the appropriate video imager with power, connectivity, and lighting options that are best suited to your application. Examples of systems we have provided are shown below.

Fixed “rear-view” locomotive cameraSewer inspection PTZ camera
  • Wireless IP connection
  • Megapixel imager
  • Integrated IR illuminator
  • Quickly hangs on locomotive car
  • Antenna with magnetic mount
  • HD PTZ camera
  • Integrated multiple high-intensity white lights
  • Cable spool for continuous insertion
Cellular PTZ roof-top mount cameraTank inspection fixed camera
  • Cellular IP connection
  • HD PTZ camera
  • Designed for quick, temporary roof-top deployment
  • Fixed megapixel imager
  • Integrated high-intensity white LED array
  • Mount plate adjustable to range of tank openings
  • Extendable insertion mechanism
  • Camera enclosure and local monitor certified for use hazardous areas

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