Support Tools

To make your job of designing and maintaining your IVC video system easier, we provide the tools listed below. Click on the appropriate link to access the tool you require.

Download the Active X Control for your IVC video system
Calculate approximate Bandwidth requirements for your IVC video system
Calculate recommended Storage requirements for your IVC video system

Additionally, we have documented specific technical issues that we and customers have encountered and make these available to you as additional design tools. Click on the links below to access the IVC TechNote that best suits your need.

Defines the application of hazardous area designations by worldwide standards bodies
Provides details on using the IVC Relay Server ActiveX control in a variety of application types
Describes how to use an iPhone as an IVC client and view video and control cameras using this handheld device
Describes how to program the Alarm Server to initiate an SNMP trap based on the state of a camera

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