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The Longwatch Video Historian is software for your computer that provides a visual context to your recorded system data. Video can show multiple variables; speed, distance, rate of change, limits, and sequences all simultaneously and unambiguously. Video Historian is a state-of-the-art tool which supplements control system data with quickly accessed, intuitive video.

Without the Longwatch Video Historian, in-plant recordings and data collection remain separate. Any correlation between data and video can be lengthy to recover as it must be manually synced between the two data sources. The Longwatch Video Historian records video automatically and integrates the recorded video with various manufacturing databases, thus providing managers and operators with a wealth of timely, additional information for making better decisions that save time, money, and effort.

Unlike other systems that only provide an ActiveX control that requires labor-intensive scripting, the Longwatch Video Historian automatically connects video to our databases including:

    • Real-time process database
    • Data historian (historical trending)
    • Alarm and event messages
    • Batch management messages
    • Workflow tracking messages
    • Maintenance system messages



Key Features

SQL and historical data integrationReal-time process database
Canary OPC HDA compatibilityDocument your operations for regulatory compliance
Data historian (historical trending)Alarm and event messages
Visual batch trackingLink video to process data automatically

Batch Tracking

Imagine having a “traveler” that walks with each batch through your plant, automatically! The Longwatch Video Historian can take the tracking and status messages from your batch automation software and link it to recorded Longwatch Video. When the operator clicks on the selected message, Longwatch automatically displays the video from the right cameras at the right time. It’s an easy, efficient, and effective way to watch your manufacturing process!

See What Was Happening

With the Longwatch Video Historian you can use recorded video to give you more (and better) information about why your process acted the way it did. The Video Historian combines Longwatch video with the data collected by your historical data trending system. Using standard time synchronizing techniques, you can automatically move through the video, watching the data trends at the same time. The Video Historian also links video with messages from your productivity and alarm management applications. It’s the modern way of having many operators and technicians on hand, ready to report what they saw…all electronically and automatically!

Create Video Documentation of Plant Operations

Documenting operations with recorded video that is tied to your production information (such as lot number, SKU, or line ID) can help you keep quality high, keep operators well-trained, and can help reduce the cost and impact of recalls.

With Longwatch Video Historian you can capture, archive, and display various steps in your manufacturing process. Linking video from various cameras to your workflow management, manufacturing execution, and quality control software is performed automatically with the Longwatch Video Historian. This can help you train your operators to improve quality and performance. Video can also help you identify if, when, and how much remedial action is necessary should questions arise. With video information, you can focus your quality activities, thereby saving time and money.

Create Video Documentation for Regulatory Purposes

There isn’t an industry today that doesn’t have some regulations regarding its operation. Longwatch helps you comply with regulations ranging from security to environmental protection to food and drug safety and quality.

Because video is automatically tagged with SQL data based on your needs, and because it is event-driven, Longwatch can provide the “game highlights” for documenting your operations. The same technique that’s used for tracking vandalism and trespassing can be used for monitoring all areas of your plant. You can provide video documentation of system alarms, thus helping to mitigate fines and other issues raised by agencies (such as the EPA) or sensitive neighbors. Video can help first responders by providing them with critical information in advance of their arrival on scene.



The Video Historian takes plant video collected by the Longwatch Video System and connects it to existing Process and Manufacturing databases. These can include data historians, alarm and event management systems, workflow management systems, predictive or scheduled maintenance applications, and SQL databases.

The Longwatch Video Historian includes the following additional capabilities:

  • Automatically associate stored video with automation system events and data. Retrieve video based on:
    • SCADA/HMI system alarm time
    • Batch ID
    • Operator ID
    • Type of activity
    • Type of alarm
  • Built-in mapping of video to alarm messages, showing video before, during and after an alarm occurred
  • Post-view tagging of video clips:
    • Operator defined tags to organize collections of videos
    • Operator-entered comments
  • Integrated with ActiveFactory trend chart and Tag Picker
  • Drag the time cursor in the trend chart and the video moves with it
  • Simultaneous viewing of video and data trend graphs, synchronized by time
  • Pre-tagging of video clips with SQL data. Associate video with operational information (e.g. batch ID, operator name, line ID etc.)
  • Integrated easily with popular HMI and Process Historian software
  • Easily integrated with other database applications
    • SQL Stored Procedures Library
    • OPC Interface
    • FTP File Transfer

Archiving System

Video can be retrieved with the context of your plant operations, such as batch ID, line number, operator ID, plant area, or times that alarms, events or messages occur in the SCADA/HMI system. This supports cost-effective and efficient troubleshooting and preventive maintenance, simplifies operator training, supports quality control activities, and provides video documentation of various steps in the process for recordkeeping and regulatory compliance purposes.

Event Window


Automatically archive display based on:

  • Date and Time
  • Batch ID
  • Alarm Event
  • User Entered Text Description

Configurable views allow you to easily locate past events while continuing to monitor the rest of your system

Simple windows-based system architecture allows you to organize your complete video system regardless of size or complexity



System Requirements

Minimum System RequirementsVideo Control Center (VCC) Longwatch Video Engine (LVE and CRE) Max 4 per serverClient (LWViewer)
Minimum Hardware Requirements
CPUCore i7 or Server class Xeon – Minimum of 2 coresCore i7 or Server class Xeon – Minimum of 2-4 cores for 1-2 engines, 4-8 cores for 3-4 enginesCore i7 or equivalent
Available Hard Disk Space50 – 100 GB depending on # of event clipsFor LVE – ~12 GB/day per camera for medium resolution/framerate
For CRE – ~1-2 GB/day per console
Available Memory2 GB2 GB per engine2 GB or more
Networking1 Gb1 Gb1 Gb
Software Components Required
Operating SystemWindows 7, 8, 10 Professional
Windows Server 2012 R2
Windows 7, 8, 10 Professional
Windows Server 2012 R2
Windows 7, 8, 10 Professional
For Windows 2008 and 2012 R2 Desktop Experience Feature
.Net 3.51 Feature
Desktop Experience FeatureN/A
Internet ExplorerVersion 8 or aboveVersion 8 or aboveVersion 8 or above
Acrobat ViewerVersion 5.0 or laterN/AVersion 5.0 or later
Microsoft Media PlayerVersion 9 or later (supplied with Desktop Experience)Version 9 or later (supplied with Desktop Experience)Version 9 or later (supplied with Desktop Experience)
Note – for smaller systems the VCC and LVE can reside on the same hardware. Size accordingly.
Note – SQL Server 2008 R2 Express is installed as part of the VCC install


Download MZ-HD30-5 datasheet

Video Historian datasheet

Download datasheet

RSC-4×01 datasheet – Video management software server computer designed to run IVC’s Longwatch software.

Download datasheet

Longwatch RVE datasheet – A hardened, compact industrial computer integrated with the Longwatch Video System software.

Download datasheet

Longwatch MICRO HD datasheet – A hardened, compact industrial computer integrated with the Longwatch Video System software.

Download datasheet

Longwatch MICRO LPX datasheet – A low power, extreme temperature compact industrial computer integrated with the Longwatch Video System software.


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